For over two decades BRUTAL GOD from Zurich (Switzerland) stands for hard Death Metal, in combination with severely dirty Rock’n’Roll!
Founded in 1999, the combo has since toured through the Swiss underground with the raw spirit that always gave BRUTAL GOD its clear-cut profile: handmade, brutal and rolling!



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01.11.2019 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Debauchery, Balgeroth, Requiem
17.07.2019 Ebrietas, Zürich,
w/ Nervo Chaos
21.04.2018 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Excruciation
31.12.2016  METALDISKO, Graffiti, Bern,
w/ Debauchery, Valgrind, The Artifice, Hellvetica
10.12.2016 MUZAK at Galerie du Sauvage, Porrentruy,
w/ Calcined , Dead End
22.10.2016 Flösserplatz, Aarau,
w/ Omophagia , Virum
03.09.2016 Hall of fame, Wetzikon
w/ Frozen Gate , Firtan , Skaldensang , Inner Sanctum
28.05.2016 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Calcined
14.05.2016 Guss 39, Bülach,
w/ Blood Bound , Soldiers Bloodcraft , Dark Path
24.10.2015  Metal Café, altes Wasserwerk, Lörrach
w/ Bitterness , Defaced , Entorx
22.08.2015 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Gutrectomy
06.12.2014 Swiss Attack im Neugasshof, Zürich,
w/ The Percent
27.09.2014 Metal Apocalyse im Mundwerk, Zürich,
w/ Mind Patrol , Tendonitis
18.09.2014 Trinity 23 im Hirschi, Basel,
w/ Mamma Mammut , Grey Monday
23.08.2014 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ a bunch of very cool people ;)
08.02.2014  METALDISKO, Graffiti, Bern,
w/ Severe Torture, Cytotoxin, Rages of Sin
w/ Disbelief, Prostitute Disfigurement and more
21.01.2012, Winterthur,
w/ Surrealist, Exit
09.09.2011, Winistorf,
w/ Road to Nowhere, Mekonium, Frozenroom
25.02.2009 Werk 21, Zurich,
w/ Damage Disaster (AT)
19.04.2009  Popcorn, Saas Fee, Snickers Popcorn Wallride
15.12.2009 MehSuff im Tommasini, Lenzburg,
w/ Bitterness, Unlight, Tribes of Chain & Punish
12.08.2009  Breitnau (GER)
w/ Disparaged & Reflected Soul
31.03.2006  Alte Kaserne, Winterthur,
w/ Tiburon & SODOM
31.12.2005 Werk 21, Zürich, Totentanz/Dunkler Sylvesterball
w/ Unlight
21.10.2005 C4 Islikon, Swiss Metal Session
w/Punish, Morbus Gravis & Shadow's Far
19.06.2005 Gaswerk, Winterthur,
w/ Requiem, Nominon & VITAL REMAINS (US)
23.07.2005 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Fallbeil, Mother's Milk,Censored & Jesus and the Gurus
04.05.2005 GGS Winterthur,
w/ Alienacja (PL)
09.04.2005  Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Embalming Theatre (CH)
26.02.2005 Sous le Pont, Bern,
w/ Mephitic Entities (CH)
18.02.2005 KuZeB, Bremgarten,
w/ Bleeding Hate
11.12.2004 Widder, Winterthur,
w/ Flag of Doom
04.12.2004 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Lunatic Dictator & Fleshcrawl
09.10.2004  GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Tiburon
28.08.2004 Kulturwerk 118, Sursee, Hellvetia Days 4,
w/ Nasty Vermin, Carnal Decay, Vacarme, The Awakening, Amok & Stump Fucking
14.08.2004 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Mutilation & As Sanity Fades 
26.06.2004 JessieJamesPub, Herisau,
w/ Todesblei
30.04.2004 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Lunatic Dictator & Fleshcrawl
17.01.2004 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Flag of Doom & Todesblei
07.06.2003 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Eyes See Red & Mulder
29.03.2003 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Abgrund & Mutilation


Thank you for all these years!

Patrick "Päde" Lange, your approach to Rock’n’Roll was full of devotion and enthusiasm. Your style in riffing, singing and composing was unique. We always looked up to this or rather we still do.

This dedication to Metal, which we shared, will always be our source of inspiration while writing and playing new songs in order to still become fair the name BRUTAL GOD. What else are we here for?

This is how we keep you in our hearts and in our minds forever!